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The Power of Submission in D/s Coaching


  • To have full control over your life

  • To stand behind the choices you make

  • To set, and communicate your limits and boundaries

  • To discover, explore, accept and celebrate your sexuality

  • To get more out of your relationship(s)

  • To experience the freedom of finding your ultimate self

  • To be able to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty

  • Figure out your Spiritual Path and your Higher calling

You Want


  • Much more potential than you are using now

  • Wasted enough time not living your dream

  • Trouble saying ‘no’ to people, so you end up doing things you actually don’t want to do

  • Unwanted habits you want to get rid of but have not been able to

  • Goals and dreams but lack the discipline to follow through on them

  • No overview of what needs to be done, making you feel overwhelmed and end up doing nothing

  • A lot of important things to do but get distracted all the time

  • Questions about what the purpose of life on earth is and how you fit into the picture

You Have


  • Someone to help you set goals and stick to them

  • Discipline, order and direction

  • Someone to take control over the parts of your life that are too big for you now

  • To figure out how you work and why so that you can be more yourself

  • To be listened to and be accepted without judgement

  • A coach who actually sees you and cares and will stand by you like a friend

  • Someone who blocks the road to old patterns in order to lead you where you need to go

  • Self-control, Confidence, Self-respect, Self-acceptance, Self-love

  • Someone who helps you get back into contact with your Higher-Self

You need Me

Download my free E-book:

Guide to FreeDom - Take control over your life

You Need
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Rope therapy

Combining a therapy session with rope tying to get into the body and to work through difficult emotions and trauma while being held in a safe space.

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Freedom Coaching

Tailor-Made Individual Coaching Trajectory ranging from regular to strict to help you challenge problems and make you reach your goals.

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relationship coaching

Relationship Coaching for mono- and poly couples. You don't have to be kinky to improve your communication and deepen your love for each other, but if you are kinky: you are welcome too!

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Energetic Healing sessions to bring you back in contact with your higher-self in order to find your Higher Path and make sense of it all.

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6 week online
KinKCurious BDSM beginners workshop for people curious about, or new to KinK and BDSM.

Read More >

Who am I?

My name is Nanouk and I will help you find out who you really are, what you want most in life and lead you to make that fantasy become reality. I do this by focusing on, and accepting you as a complete person with all your quirks and whims.

Together we will figure you out and then make you the absolute leader of your own life.


I will get deep inside your head, so you'd better get to know me.

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What I Can Help
You With

  • Boosting Self Confidence

  • Learning Self Acceptance, Self Care, and Self Love

  • Learning to Set and Keep Boundaries

  • Breaking Old Patterns and Habits

  • Adopting New Positive Habits

  • Accountability and Healthy lifestyle change

  • Figuring out what you Want in Life

  • Setting Goals and Achieving them

  • Working on Trauma and Shadow sides

  • Manifesting and Law of Attraction

  • Figuring out who you really are and live your true self

  • Battling your impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs

  • Creating focus and getting things done

  • Couples coaching

  • Improving communication

  • Kink/BDSM education

  • Polyamory

  • Sexual preference and identity

  • Trust and learning how to deal with infidelity

  • Consent and stating your Needs clearly

  • Relationship Issues and Patterns

  • Exploring your Fantasies or Fetishes

  • Boosting your Relationship and your Sex Life

  • Systemic Approach

IMPORTANT NOTE: my coaching is a non-sexual mind-play-based process.
I will not ask for any nude pictures or videos nor will I ask you to perform any sexual acts in sessions or digitally.

If you want to know if working with me is for you, download my free Ebook - Guide to Freedom.


"When I first met Nanouk I was in a pretty bad place in my life. I immediately felt a connection and felt like Nanouk would be the person to help me get out of this place. Although I still have a long way to go, the safety and trust I have in Nanouk make me feel confident in the fact I will get there. From the help she has provided with nutrition, to the motivation she gives in and out of the gym. I will be forever grateful for her being my coach. Thank you Nanouk."

Rebecca Smith

"Let me break down your walls and build you up stronger"

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